Do you know who has the keys to your home?

When realtors put a home on the market, they make copies of the keys. Copies to give to the inspector, the electrician, the cleaners and all number of people who need access to the house during the sale process. Even if you bought your home from a private seller, it is likely that at some point they also gave keys to the kid down the street, family members, friends and even other neighbors. If you don’t know where all the keys are to your sanctuary, rekey it and regain your peace of mind.

Your home is your sanctuary and here at Los Alamos Lock & Key we understand the importance of securing your home and your family. We offer residential rekeying service, lock replacement, home safes, security surveys and all aspects of physical home security. 

Do you have worn or broken locks? Our knowledgeable technicians can replace worn out locks while matching them as closely as possible to your existing hardware. Big box stores carry similar locksets, but they are often inferior products such as the Kwikset Smart Key. Get the facts you need to make an informed decision about your security, ask any of our friendly technicians. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or you prefer to have one of our technicians do the installation, you’ll find the products and the answers you need at Los Alamos Lock & Key. 

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